After threatening lawsuit, Shafer now says she did not intend to sue Paterson Times for exposing data breach

Jayed Rahman of the Paterson Times is likely loving work these days, with the Paterson schools giving the paper — and the reporter — lots of imprudent statements to report on.  In today’s installment, it sounds like the district’s superintendent is walking back a perceived threat to sue the paper for basically committing journalism.

After threatening to file a lawsuit against the Paterson Times for exposing a massive data breach in an unauthorized letter, superintendent Eileen Shafer backtracked on Friday afternoon stating she had no intentions to sue a reporter or a news organization.

“Neither the reporter nor his news organization was the potential target for any litigation by the District,” said Shafer. Her questionable threat to sue a reporter and a newspaper for “serious reputational harm” to the district for exposing the data breach that claimed 23,103 account passwords had been quickly condemned by multiple media law attorneys.

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