Agencies hunt for hacker “9Near” (updated)

The Bangkok Post reports:

Authorities are hunting down a hacker who has threatened to release the personal data of 55 million Thais if the government agency allegedly involved in the leakage of information fails to meet a ransom demand by April 5.

Read more at The Bangkok Post.   See also Thaiger.

As of publication time, the 9Near site is still online and the countdown clock shows 3+ days left.

Screencap of Image:

Updated April 2:

9Near’s updates:

To all:
Good news…
“OPERATION STOPPED” as our sponsor conflict.
As we don’t wanna hurt all of you and also we disagree with this dirty political operation as their plan went too dirty. So we have no reason to continue making this privacy disaster.
At least these few days, we see the great movement how government should concern on citizen security and privacy.

We didn’t buy data from any authority.
We are not the call center or scammer shit.
We’ve never sold full data to any as it’s still our negotiation power.
Our data is for the movement, not for the money

To our (Anonymous?) sponsor:
Bro, Per our latest talk, As you actual plan is not our purpose. It is for yourself not the people. You see the impact we made on your political shit? You think we met anonymously then we talk anonymously? We know who exactly you are and what side you are in. Also, we think Thai people know. Same countdown, finish the negotiation before something happens.

To all those hunter:
We cloudy scripted to publish the data every 7 days for 10 years. We have destroyed the shell key with only api access. Only us to reset the script via API to stop the privacy disaster. You know the impact.
You catch one, we start the script. Stay in your space
Don’t wake us up, else we will be back
Our lovely friends, thanks for joining us we stay in the group

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