AHS medical records of 2,700 children stolen with laptop: Privacy boss

Don Braid reports on a number of recently revealed breaches in Alberta, Canada:

The medical records of 2,700 children were stolen with a laptop computer belonging to a researcher with access to Alberta Health Services files, Information and Privacy Commissioner Frank Work revealed today.

The researcher has reported the loss to only 46 of the 2,700 patients. Work will investigate the theft and how it was handled.

The children whose records were stolen were “pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition patients,” according to Work’s office.

In addition to that incident, another incident also involved healthcare data:

In a second case involving children, a speech pathology office was burglarized and the records of 50 patients under six were stolen with an external hard drive. The drive detailed information about the families involved.

Read more in the Calgary Herald. In related coverage, Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner expressed shock over recent breaches.   “Shock” is not the word any regular reader of this site or databreaches.net would use. I think “unrelenting frustration” may be more accurate.  Some breaches really are avoidable.

Thanks to Bart Porter of redmentech for these links.

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