Air Force: Changes to PII breach reporting, notification processes

In December, we saw the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois reminding people of the importance of protecting PII. Now it’s the Robins Air Force Base in Georgia sending out the message. Their announcement includes some interesting information:

You will be identified; your account will be locked; and your wing commander or equivalent, will be notified of the breach, according to Guidance Memorandum AFSPCGM33-332, October 25, 2013, and signed by Gen. William Shelton, AFSC commander.


In November 2013, more than 5,000 individuals were affected by a single PII breach. From May through October of 2013, in the Air Force an average of 3.3 reports affected 1,935 members per day.

At Robins, there have been four PII breaches since Dec. 1, 2013. One breach is too many.

One available tool you can use to protect information can be found by visiting the Software Protection Initiative and clicking on You must contact a system administrator for assistance to install this software. For information going off-base, you can also utilize the encryption capabilities in Microsoft Office.

Any questions concerning Privacy Act or Personally Identifiable Information can be addressed to the Base Privacy Act Office at DSN 468-2875.

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