Airbnb users complain of accounts being ‘hacked’ saying they’ve been charged thousands and had bookings cancelled

Helen Knapman reports:

AIRBNB users are complaining that their accounts have been “hacked” with some finding holidays unknowingly booked in their name costing thousands of pounds.

Others say genuine reservations made on the booking site have been cancelled leaving them with nowhere to stay.

Read more on The Sun.  AirBNB had not responded to the paper yet, and it’s not clear from reading the news report whether this is presumably just AirBNB in the UK or if there might be a global issue or data security problem. Looking at Twitter, the complaints started by April 27 and the users complaining of having been hacked appear to be in the UK.

As of the time of this posting, I see a few people who are now also first complaining on Twitter that their accounts have been hacked, but I see no response from @AirBNB_UK as yet.

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  1. Linda Stephens - May 6, 2019

    My account has just been hacked. 5 different bookings were made in my name in New Zealand for the 2nd-10th May 2019. I woke up to numerous emails from AirBnB and discovered over £4000 charged to my Barclaycard. I last used AirBnB a year ago. The perpetrator changed my telephone number on the account, and then my account was cancelled with AirBnB. I rang Barclaycard who blocked my card, but I still see all these payments on my Barclaycard waiting for it to be resolved. I have been assured by Barclaycard that the funds will not be taken, and they are investigating this.

    • Dissent - May 6, 2019

      Wow. Sorry to hear what you’re going through but glad Barclaycard is handling this promptly. This one sounds like there are a bunch of victims.

  2. Tawny Horton - May 10, 2019

    Same exact thing just happened to me. I guess we have to get a lawyer.

    • Lisa S - May 11, 2019

      My Airbnb account was also hacked and someone booked an experience in London for a ridiculous amount. It says I booked 10 spots on the experience. The experience doesn’t have any reviews so I think someone created a fake experience, booked through my Airbnb and charged my card. I called Airbnb and am waiting for the fraud department to get back to me. Hopefully they will get back to me and also block this experience on their site.

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