Akron Canton Airport Hacked, Data Leaked & left Defaced By Turkish Ajan

220px-akron-canton_airport-svg_ Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has just announced a hack on a Ohio based airport,  Akron Canton Airport (https://www.akroncantonairport.com/). > The origin of the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) evolved against a wartime backdrop. As with many airfields across the United States, CAK’s initial funding was proposed at a time when the nation was most concerned about air defense, during World War II (About)

The breach was announced from the official account @TurkishAjan of the hacker group on twitter just a short time ago > Akron Canton Airport Hacked. File:goo.gl/uE0ZM Zone:goo.gl/1O2vV@hackread @ehackernews #hack twitter.com/TurkishAjan/st… — TurkishAjan Official (@TurkishAjan) May 25, 2013

The breach has left the airports sites main page defaced with the following common defacement which has been seen on past breaches by the hacker group. The rest of the sites pages appear to still be accessible. hacked-by-turkish-agent It has also leaked a small amount of data which was uploaded to speedyshare and contains 6 files as below and is a downloadable as a 519.68KB rar file with 3 docx, 2 xls and 1 txt. airporthack The users.xls contain 19 credentials with username, full names, email addresses, contact information and encrypted passwords of the airports staff and board members. Other files in the leak contain server configuration information (config.txt), and minor credentials with names, emails and contact information of 15825 users (contest.xls) who have signed up to a recent contest of the site. The other three document files appear to be either printed for newspapers from past events. Mirror of the defacement can be seen here but at time of publishing the main site was still defaced. See past breaches by Turkish Ajan here

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