AL: Major Credit Card Security Breach, Thousands Affected

A major credit card security breach is affecting thousands of people tonight. We have confirmed several credit card companies are canceling accounts and issuing new credit and check cards.


NBC 15 News contacted Visa to try to find out where the security breach happened.. A Visa representative told us: For security, the bank does not disclose that information to its customers. They always are going to refer you to Visa, but unfortunately at Visa we don’t have access to anyone’s information. It can only be accessed through the bank. Officials with Bank of America, a Visa cardholder, would not talk either. The bank says letters are already in the mail en route to their affected customers.

Read more of this somewhat puzzling report on MSNBC. I’m not sure if this is new or more fall-out from Heartland. On June 4, there were reports out of Georgia on new fraudulent charges on cards that were reportedly due to the Heartland breach.

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