AL: Nursing assistant wanted for ID theft of nursing home resident

Lynne Jones reports:

Authorities are looking for a former nursing home worker after an 98 year old resident’s identity was stolen.

Investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Identity Theft Unit believe Jacqueline
Anne Lumpkin, 48, of Birmingham used the stolen identity to obtain more than $5,000 dollars worth of goods and services.

Three warrants were obtained on December 4, 2008 for Lumpkin, who was employed by a temporary agency as a certified nursing assistant.


Investigators are trying to determine if there are more victims.

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Thanks to Rob Douglas for sending this along.

N.B. Nursing homes are not covered under HIPAA and so this breach should probably be listed in the Business sector. Since I view nursing homes as healthcare, I’m filing it under the healthcare sector. Cope with it. 🙂

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