AL: State Trial Underway for Flowers Hospital Identity Thief

There’s a follow-up to a case involving theft of Flowers Hospital patient data by an employee for tax refund fraud. The data theft was first disclosed in April 2014, and reportedly occurred between June, 2013 and February, 2014. Within weeks, a potential class action lawsuit was filed.  Over the summer, the hospital moved to dismiss for lack of standing, but the court permitted the plaintiffs to amend their complaint.

The defendant, Karmarian Millender, who had agreed to plead guilty to federal charges, was indicted in September on state charges.  Right before sentencing on the federal charges,, he attempted to withdraw his guilty plea. The court was having none of that, however, and in December, Millender was sentenced to two years in prison and $18,915 in restitution.

Now WTVY reports that Millender entered a blind plea Wednesday on the state charges for trafficking in stolen identities.

It’s not something I’ve seen frequently – both federal and state criminal charges for an insider theft for tax refund fraud. So stay tuned…

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