Alabama Baptists affected by International Missions Board breach

The Alabama Baptist reports:

A data breach at the International Mission Board (IMB) may have exposed personal information of current and former employees, volunteers and applicants.

The IMB began a “comprehensive response” immediately upon discovering the cyber security incident on April 11 and promptly notified law enforcement officials, according to a statement released to Baptist Press on July 16.

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The IMB breach has been reported to the California Attorney General’s Office as a hacking incident that occurred on February 14 and was discovered on April 11. The hacker would have been able to access:

name, address, telephone number, email address, Social Security number, date of birth, and possibly limited health information.The incident did not impact IMB’s financial or email systems.

Although that report indicated that 4,663 California residents were being notified of the incident, the report did not indicate the total number nationwide, and based on this news report from Alabama, the nationwide total will presumably be much higher, as IMB was unable to determine exactly whose data was accessed and prudently opted for notifying everyone who might be impacted.


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