Alabama CVS’ patient information at risk after laptop stolen

Kelly Poe reports:

A laptop that contained prescription and patient information on customers of a CVS Pharmacy in Calera has been stolen.

CVS learned on March 22 that the password-protected laptop had been stolen from a vendor. The laptop contained information about customers who have had prescriptions filled at the CVS store at 8370 Highway 31 in Calera, the company announced Monday. The laptop was stolen from the vendor and reported to the Indianapolis police department.

The laptop had been stolen on March 16. Information on the laptop included patient names and in some cases addresses, telephone numbers, prescription names, numbers and dispensing dates. There was no financial information on the laptop.


This is likely the same unnamed vendor who OptumRx referred to in their breach notification. So far, though, I don’t see any report on HHS’s public breach tool that would match this incident.

Update: The CVS part of the incident affects 1,000 patients.

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