Albany Airport pays hackers ransom, regains data from computers

John Cropley provides an update to earlier reports concerning the ransomware attack Christmas day on Albany International Airport. As previously reported, the attackers gained access through an attack on the airport’s provider, LogicalNet. The airport has since severed its relationship with LogicalNet.  As to the ransom, Cropley repors:

Myers said the airport authority paid the ransom on the advice of an outside expert whose previous experience with this particular hacker suggested they would keep their end of the bargain. “Within four hours we got the key,” he said.

The authority wouldn’t disclose how much it paid in ransom, only that it was less than $100,000 (paid in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin). The out-of-pocket cost for the ransom will be less, though: “We have cyberinsurance that covers us,” Myers said. “We have a $25,000 deductible.”

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