Alleged breaches impacting Indians, Malaysians, under investigation


Airtel continues to deny that it had a breach affecting more than 2.5 million subscribers’ data, despite reports and seeming evidence to the contrary. According to a statement they issued, the threat actors who call themselves “Red Rabbit Team” have made various claims over the past 15 months.

“This group has been in touch with our security team for over 15 months now and has made varying claims in addition to posting inaccurate data from one specific region,” the spokesperson said.

A security researcher who first called attention to a posting on a forum noted the lack of proof:

“The hacker group failed to show evidence that they have a whole India database. Their claim of shell upload may be also fake. The video of SDR portal seems real but only a short portion of data may leak via this. It is still unclear how they got access to whole Jammu and Kashmir subscriber data,” he said.

So are the hackers’ claims true or are they trying to scam and extort Airtel? It’s not yet clear.

Malaysia: reports that a significant number of user accounts belonging to  e-payment provider  E-Pay Malaysia  appeared on a popular database marketplace forum. According to the listing, the seller claims that the database which was dated January 2020 contained information belonging to 380,000 accounts.

The seller claimed that the database contained a user name, e-mail address, date of birth, contact address, and a mobile phone number. However, the account password and related tokens have apparently been masked.

GHL Systems, the parent company of E-Pay Malaysia, responded to the news reports by issuing a statement on its Facebook page that they are investigating the claims, but they emphasize that the claimed breach only applies to their E.V.E. payment system and not other systems or services.  Read more on

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