Nov 192016

Natalie Parsons reports:

A Fargo woman received a letter from public housing saying she was at risk of identity theft.

It was a result of a US Department of Housing and Urban Development data breach and now she’s worried for her safety.


The Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority says almost 600,000 names and social security numbers were posted to an unsecured website viewable to the public and it was not their doing but the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Read more on Valley News Live.

I haven’t found any notice or press release on HUD’s site about this incident or any other coverage of this. It appears that the breach occurred during August and September, and the video from the news station suggests that HUD was unable to determine who may have accessed the exposed information during that period. Maybe someone with better eyes than mine can read the notification displayed during the news broadcast?

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