ALPHV threat actors claim to have attacked Plainedge Public Schools

ALPHV threat actors (also known as BlackCat) have added a Long Island school district to their leak site:  Plainedge Public Schools. The ransomware group has not started leaking any databases, but warns the district that they will if they do not hear from them.


The district consists of the Charles E. Schwarting Elementary School, the Eastplain Elementary School, the John H. West Elementary School, the Plainedge Middle School, and Plainedge High School. High school students begin taking New York State Regents examinations this week, and there is no indication on the district’s site or any of the individual school sites that there has been any interruption or disturbance in functioning or communications.

As proof of access, ALPHV posted a few screencaps, including a list of employee contact info with names, home and mobile phone numbers, work and personal email addresses, and location.  Other documents also appear to be from the district.

There does not seem to be any notice or alert on the district’s web site at this time. An email inquiry sent to the district yesterday bounced back as it timed-out. It has been re-sent this morning, and this post will be updated if a reply is received from the district. At this point, though, although ALPHV’s claim appears to have some proof, the attack has not been confirmed by the district.

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