AltaMed, BlueShield of California notify patients and regulators after breach at Sharecare Health Data Services

From their press release, and I’ll meet you on the other side:

According to their notification to the California Attorney General, AltaMed notified 5,767 California residents of the Sharecare Health Data Services (“SHDS”) incident. AltaMed’s notification does not indicate how many non-California residents may have been notified.
The California Physicians Service (dba Blue Shield of California)  also notified the California Attorney General after being notified by SHDS, but it’s not yet clear to me whether they are reporting on the same patients that AltaMed reported on.  It seems likely that they may be, in part or in whole.
The HHS public breach tool does not display any reports from AltaMed, Sharecare, or BlueShield of California at this time, but    we will undoubtedly see some report(s) posted at some point in the near future.

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