Aluminium Corporation of China Hacked, Data Traded On The Black Market By @DeadMellox

Most of the time, just like the rest of the leaks we deal with, data gets leaked into the public domain for everyone to see, well that’s what we think anyway.In this case the data from the Aluminium Corporation of China ( has been obtained and sold/traded on the black market. Now while this is fairly common, it mainly goes untold or heard of by the general public, that is until now as @DeadMellox has pointed out in one of the breaches from Fridays massive Chinese leak. in the leak contains just database layout and a message which is below.

Databases: SYS with over 700 tables and SYSMAN with over 300 tables were traded on the Shanghai blackmarket last week by myself for some favors. Those specific bases had the company’s user information alongside with it’s stock details, projects, schema plans, a very detailed resume of the company from the inside and a lot of other things. A couple of days ago, someone reported to me that they found the breach and closed the connection by shutting down their servers for maintenance and to see how much damage it was caused.

So as you can see from the above statement, the internet black markets have once again taken more data from another high profile site. Considering they have stated that projects and plans as well as users and other information its no wonder this didn’t come out earlier.

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