Amazon UK Hacked, 600+ credentials leaked by @DARWINARE

amazon-co_-uk-logo A hacker who uses the twitter handle @DARWINARE has just announced a data leak that comes from one of the biggest sites on the Internet  Amazon. The attack is on the UK branch of web giant Amazon (  and has been announced on twitter.

║█║▌║█║▌│║▌ ‏@DARWINARE 628 Customers Info,User ID’s,PW’s & DB’s Leaked @Cyber_War_News @EHackerNews #HFF #InfoSec

The leaked data was uploaded to pastebin and contains database layout information as well as 600+ user credentials related to the sites services. The leaked data has usernames, encrypted passwords, cc numbers, names and other personal information. Now seeing such large company fall victim to failing security is just shocking and proves that administration should never get relaxed.

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