Ambulance billing service and two health systems report breaches involving protected health information

Comstar LLC

Ambulance billing service Comstar LLC in Massachusetts is notifying an as-yet undisclosed number of people following a data security breach of their systems that was detected on March 26, 2022.  It is not clear from their notice whether those being notified are all patients who used their service, or if there are also employees affected, or others.

The notification indicates that the types of information involved include name, date
of birth, medical assessment and medication administration, health insurance information, driver’s license, financial account information, and Social Security number.

Because the investigation could not determine exactly what specific information on those systems was accessed, Comstar appears to be notifying everyone who had information on those systems.

There is nothing in their notification about any offer of mitigation services such as monitoring or credit restoration services, but perhaps those offers are in individual notification letters or if people call them and inquire.  A copy of the notification can be found  at

Cooper University Health Care

Cooper University Health Care in New Jersey provides treatment services to patients in throughout South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. They are currently notifying an as-yet undisclosed number of patients whose protected health information may have been accessed from an employee’s compromised email account.  The compromise occurred on or before November 24, 2021, and was first discovered on December 13, 2021.

The types of information in the emails or attachments included names, dates of birth, medical professional’s names, diagnosis and treatment information, billing and claims information, and medical record number.

The notification does not indicate that any mitigation services are being offered, but again, perhaps that is in individual notification letters or if people call them and inquire.

A copy of their press release can be found on PRNewsire.

Alameda Health System

On May 20, Alameda Health System in California notified HHS of a breach affecting 90,000 patients. There is no notice at this time on AHS’s website that DataBreaches can find, nor any press release. This will be updated when more details emerge, but from their report to HHS, it appears to be a breach involving information in their email system.


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