Amendments to data breach notification law in Colorado impact HIPAA-regulated entities

Kiss that 60-days to notify patients HIPAA bit goodbye if you’re doing business in Colorado. Julie A. Sullivan and Loreli Wright of Greenberg Traurig, LLP write:

Passed during the 2018 state legislative session, House Bill 18-1128 went into effect on Sept. 1, changing Colorado’s law on the protection of personally identifying information and the procedure businesses must follow when that information is breached.

Although the changes to the law are relatively extensive, HIPAA-regulated entities are exempted from most of these changes.

The new law contains a “deemed compliance” provision stating that most HIPAA-regulated entities who comply with HIPAA’s rules and regulations are deemed also to be in compliance with the state law, with two important exceptions:

Read what the changes are on Denver Business Journal.

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