American Pharmacists Association Rooted & rm’d by Anonymous Hackers

content/images/gallery/antisec12/ii.png Anonymous hackers have been at it again, this time setting targets sights on leaving the site and server offline after it rooted and rm’d it and leaked vital client information which is claimed to be government workers details as the below message states. at one stage the site was also defaced which also featured a drive-by attack but that has since been shut down as the @AnonymousIRC Account has stated.

Drive-by on – Shut down after deface but got some Govt data. #Anonymous #AntiSec

The leaked data has been uploaded to the popular torrent website and the website is actually the American Pharmacists Association’s website, so no wonder there is government related information within it but it is sad to see yet another government based site not implementing proper security.

********************************************************************************* ***** Guess what? You got rooted and rm’d ****** ********************************************************************************* Greetings from Anonymous, In an effort to make a mockery off of our friends inside of the US government we are releasing personal information and credit card details from government officials. We strongly advice you to make your website more secure, because if we didn’t find this information, black hats would have… We also found 16000 records of patients in ur www root folder! RU serious?!. We decided to filter out all non-governmental information, don’t worry, your information is safe. Security is a myth. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

The leaked data does contain a fair bit of stuff that will take some going thru to define if it is indeed vital or not, but from first looks we can see lists and lots of donations, relations to donations, emails and personal account information and server related information.

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