American Traffic Solutions leaves building open

What may be a corporate security breach at American Traffic Solutions was uncovered by CameraFRAUD volunteers Saturday night. The photo radar ticket processing facility, located in the Phoenix suburb of Ahwatukee, was reportedly left unlocked and unattended:

Numerous bundles of network cables were spotted throughout the building, potentially allowing anyone with a laptop to access internal systems containing vital “chain of evidence” data. A dozen trashcans full of unshredded documents were spotted, possibly containing sensitive data on their “customers:” so-called “violators” who are accused of triggering the automated ticketing machines.

Read more on CameraFraud.

American Traffic Solutions has not responded to a request by this site to clarify whether any personal data were exposed or left vulnerable by the incident. A number of commenters on the original article debate CameraFRAUD volunteers’ conduct.

Thanks to ITRC for making me aware of this incident.

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