AmEx employee stole 300 card numbers

One by one, three of the five suspects involved in a major credit card and identity theft scheme were arraigned Wednesday night before Judge Scott Hunter in Canfield. The suspects include the mother-daughter duo of Christine Alkire, 49, and Danielle Lancia, 27, along with 22-year-old Lamar Phenizy, all accused of purchasing approximately $25,000 with more than 40 stolen credit cards.


“More specifically we found a notebook containing approximately 300 American Express account numbers with the numbers of the card holders,” Patrol Officer Josh Wells said. The so-called ring leader of the group is 36-year-old Melissa Zingarelli, a previous employee of American Express. “She was fired from American Express. We don’t know what for, but she’s the one that collected the credit card numbers,” said Det. McGivern.

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