An Anonymous Warning to sony again

Anonymous Warns Sony again

Anonymous has just released a new video on youtube stating that the sony websites are being attacked due to the lawsuit, yeah this is old news but its a new video which outlines there exact motives for doing this. Sony is suing a PSN user who hacked the ps3 and released the codes etc… Anonymous is taking action via taking sonys servers offline, websites down, disrupting services etc… This will once again effect sony massively as each minute it is offline its loosing thousands of $$$ world wide, not to mention clients that will get angry about it and move to other services. So will this esculate the athorites more? will the FBI start cracking down faster? whats sony going to do…. will they hire white hacks to attempt to stop it? its pretty much anyones guessing game at this point. I suggest everyone watchs and shares this video. U can view the video here: [](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">

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