An Entire Canadian Town Is Being Extorted By Ransomware Cyber Criminals

Lane Babuder reports:

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise. This time around, the small Ontario, Canada town of St. Marys has been targeted. The ransomware organization behind the attack seems to be LockBit. So far though, no ransom has been paid. The town itself claims that most city functions are still operational and staff are still working and getting paid.

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As of this morning, St. Marys still shows the following notice on its homepage:


Notice on St. Marys website. Image:

Also as of this morning, LockBit 3.0’s listing for St. Mary’s claims to have acquired 67 GB of data including financial documents, plans, department, and confidential data. They provide a screencap of a directory from one server and other screencaps, redacted below by

Listing on dark web leak site warns St. Mary’s how much time is left to pay or their data will be leaked publicly. Redacted by

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