An open letter to the Guardians of Peace

To the members of the Guardians of Peace (GOP):

We don’t know each other, and I’d prefer to keep it that way, but I can’t just sit silently by while you plan to deliver privacy harms to tens of thousands of people.

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Sony’s trade secrets or intellectual property. I seldom watch movies unless they’re old classics, I don’t even recognize most actors’ names, and don’t give a sh*t about what Sony executives think about various actors or projects. I understand you’re upset about one film or project. Okay, but is your response proportionate? I don’t think so, because you appear poised to release a lot of personal and sensitive information on Sony employees – many of whom no longer even work for Sony.

That Sony retained too much information and didn’t protect it adequately is on Sony, and they should be held accountable for that, but you will likely be harming innocent people if you release everything you’ve hacked.

Do children’s medical problems or employees’ personal or health problems really need to be publicly disclosed for you to accomplish your goals here?  I doubt it.

In the past, I have chatted with other hackers who then agreed not to dump personal information.  You have already dumped some personal info and I am asking you to please not dump any more personal info on employees. It’s commendable that you told employees that they could ask you not to dump their data, but not everyone will see your offer in time.

So please, don’t. Just don’t.

I’m not a Sony employee.

I don’t even know anyone employed by Sony.

I’m just a privacy advocate who’s concerned and asking you take the high road.

You can reach me by email to [email protected] You can tweet me @pogowasright. I can meet you in a chat room of your choosing to discuss this request. Just please don’t dump any more personal info on employees’ and their dependents. Please.

Update: I have not received any reply from GOP on this request. Commenters seem to want to turn this post into a referendum on North Korea. That’s not what this post is about – it’s simply a request that GOP think about the harm done to people who either no longer work for Sony and/or have nothing to do with the studio’s decisions.  I have no idea why I’m the only person speaking up on this, but I’ll continue to renew my request that hackers/hacktivists not victimize innocent folks.

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  1. Asher Edelman - December 15, 2014

    “I understand you’re upset about one film or project.”

    It has nothing to do with the release of a movie. Just as Benghazi had nothing to do with a YouTube video. Unless we understand that, nothing is accomplished, except for chasing shadows.

    It’s not blackmail. It’s not extortion. It is cultural destruction. And we are being destroyed with our own consent. But we can’t stop. We’re addicts. We’re addicted to our own narcissism.

    Thank you.

    • lorenzo - December 16, 2014

      Wouldn’t it been just as easy for Sony to make up a country and its leader rather than depict North Korea and their Head of State? This rather stupid comedy by the way will probably rake in some big $$$$ because of all the controversy…………

      • Conor Kelly - December 17, 2014

        No. That would be a form of censorship, If we yield to terror and fear we lose.

        I don’t need to say anymore.

        • Anon - December 17, 2014

          You and your Censorship….I am really bored with this trite waving of the old constitutional rights, what about civility, and respect, and creating entertainment to entertain, not start wars and retaliation for insults???? ….Think !!! .who the hell would be thoughtless enough to write a script naming an actual current day president or political leader, so many American movies show some fictious American Presidents is that “Censorship” too? I am sure, that the writers of those scripts had a real life President in mind, and then somewhere down the line, it was changed to a fake one….why not offer the same courtesy to other leaders or dictators (in this instance)? Push your own buttons….if you want to….

          Did Sony want bad press? …and therefore “instant” free marketing embedded in the very script…. ??? boy did that backfire…if they did…. even before this hack attack…. It had nothing to do with hackers… has to do with guarding world peace instead of garnering world wars….this isn’t a high school indie flick….which would have made the script perfectly admissible…and localized to a limited group of viewers…

          Why not grow up, and stop insulting people, even if you consider them “your enemy”…..They could have done a time piece and made it Adolph Hitler, or they could have made up a country for all I care, but it would have been a direct slap in the face of a real life modern and living person…Now, hypothetically speaking….the Korean dude can sue Sony for “defamation of character”…..maybe win, and then make enough cash to fund a nuclear weapon or two…LOL…..why not make a movie calling on some yahoo to kill the current day Pope….Catholics are pretty innocuous…. since I haven’t seen any Crusaders or Templars running around in a few centuries….maybe they need to be enticed back into existence? Do it Sony!!! I am not saying that it is the victim’s fault when someone comes over to your turf to blow your head off….but the script should have been written to tell a good story, not entice war mongers to create excuses to monger away…. maybe these Guardians of Peace, need to focus on Peace not pissing off innocent former employees of Sony with threats…what a stupid name for hackers…..who could have been “advocates” in a more gentler manner….

          • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

            Fuck you pussy

          • Anonymous - December 18, 2014

            ^ i didnt read all your bs, only to north korea wagging war over this… First off, north korea wont do fucking shit, because they dont have fucking shit. Second of all, why the fuck would kim sue for defamation of identity? Isn’t he a wanted man for inhumanity aginst his OWN people? You’re fucking stupid

          • Fuck what ya herd - December 18, 2014

            Are your fucking stupid anon? Kim sueing them for defamation lf his identity? LOL WTF!? HE FUCKING KILLS HIS OWN PEOPLE! LOL AND YOU THINK N KOREA WILL START A WAR OVER THIS? WITH WHAT? TOY GUNS? HAHHA you’re fucking stupid mate

          • so wonwy - December 18, 2014

            Generalising “Catholics” is not something I want to get into, but certain (violent) Irish republican groups (& royalists/loyalists for that matter) pinned their manifestos to religion as much as their politics. The sectarian troubles in N.I. are still raw in people a memories & still flare up from time to time. It’s not just Catholics; Protistents too, but it’s rather ignorant to gloss over that…

            On the fictitious US presidents thing – I think it has more to do with preventing bipartisan politics becoming a distraction in the story, and worse, risk alienating around 50% of the US viewing public and losing out on ticket sales. It’s about money, not protecting a President’s feelings.

            And on the PRK thing – OK it’s not as harsh sounding as an assassination attempt, but have you never seen “Team America”? It’s not like comedies featuring current leaders are a new thing.

            Having not seen this new film, I’ve got to ask; is it a satire (targeting both the history of intelligence agency plots/manipulation & dictarorial regimes) or something genuinely threatening?

            Any vaguely political statement in a film can always be construed as orchestrated propaganda. With a single piece in isolation that is rarely the case, but string a few together…

            Chances are the “outrage” is the thing being orchestrated as cover for something. If PRK want to hide something from their citizens, they do. If they’ve released info about the film to their citizens, it’s not an accident.

    • Anonymous - December 18, 2014


  2. t - December 16, 2014

    i actually find these pussies funny. Like really, doing 9-11 threats, yea, im pissing in my shorts right now. So sceared, oh god, what am i goign to do with all these tickets i pre-ordered…. oh wait, goto the movies. Please, like anyone believes these panzies are actually going to do anything serious. Ive seen fat ladys walk into al you can eat buffets, that scares me more then these cry babies. Oh boo hoo, someone made a movie about killing your leader, wah, cry me a river, better yet, build a bridge and get over it.

    • Anonymous - December 16, 2014

      I think you need to do some research about what North Korea is really like. To those people their leader is a god, and they would gladly kill anyone who says otherwise and die for him. On top of that anything they have ever seen or will see while his family is still in command is strictly regulated, nothing comes in or goes out of that country. Unless its for him of course. They have no communication to the outside world, they’re lucky if they have electricity. It’s an insane place that in my opinion rivals the die hards of nazi germany and should be eradicated at all costs. With that said I’m looking forward to the interview, I think Sony should just release it via p2p and ask for donations. Because Fuck Korea. North Korea, South Korea is cool as fuck.

      • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

        Fuck their “god”! We will destroy their “god” along with that piece of shit country.

      • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

        I don’t give a fucken shit what you think about this movie!

    • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

      Lol, I Like it

    • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

      The Bush administration felt the same way about 9-11, but they took it seriously after the loss of 2000 lives. But hey, I’m sure this will really be fake this time around.

      • Fuck what ya herd - December 18, 2014

        Lol you actually think there will be a 9-11 attack? Lol whats the hacking group’s name? Oh yeah, Guardians of PEACE, not Guardians of WAR. It you honestly think they are serious, then I question your intelligence. They are talking big so they can bend people to their will, classic scare tactic, but honestly GOP won’t do fucking shit.

  3. Angel - December 16, 2014

    I want a Christmas present of 10 million dollars from sony or at least one million for each person until the company falls

    • Angel - December 16, 2014

      Thank you GoP

  4. Anonymous - December 17, 2014

    Guardians of peace have turned into terrorists. Flush them out. They hide behind their computers.

  5. Anon - December 17, 2014

    We are anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget

    You Should expect Us!

    GOP you are nothing more than.terrorists
    And terrorism does not pay we will find you and we will stop you


    • Anonymous X - December 18, 2014

      Expect us GoP, your crime of releasing personal information will be your downfall. You’re infants compared to us, releasing PI to end a movie. Are you serious? Harming innocent people is a big no no for me pals. GoP is a group of wanna be Anonymous who hack for all the wrong reasons. Your message to Sony will only created back lash on your part.

      We are Anonymous
      We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      Expect us GoP

      Or should I say Guardians of Terrorism

  6. Anonymous - December 17, 2014

    yes the real problem in the world is a movie studio, its none of the corrupt politicians around the world, or the broken systems of religion that makes slaves out of most weak minded people, its that high level execs talk smack about celebs and make more money then us, the hackers know this, thats why they are smart, you will get much more attention doing this then trying your skills against a government or military site, but they know they couldnt do it and even if they pulled it off they wouldnt get the media coverage, also they would have a bullet in the head by now, but yea rogen making 2 mil more then franco is much more imprtant then the stuff happening in russia or iran

  7. Killer - December 17, 2014

    Fuck guardians of peace …
    Fuck them those mother fuckers.
    Bring it on !!!!!
    You wanna fuck with us. ..
    Just try !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You mother fucking piece of fucking shits!!!!
    You don’t fucking scare me ..
    I am loving this … You want conflict!!!
    Just wait to see what’s coming for you!!!!!

    • Anonymous - December 17, 2014

      I totally agree!!!!

  8. Noguardians - December 17, 2014

    Guardians of Peace should be called Guardians of Crime!
    I will go see that fucking movie several times thanks to their bullshit!! And if it’s not in the movie I will just wait for the DVD release. It’s just a movie, it’s not true, it’s a comedy. Get the fuck over it you fucking assholes!!!

  9. Anonymous - December 17, 2014

    There actions are not justified in any way, shape, or form. I respect the hacking group called Anonymous because they do it for all the right reasons. The methods that GOP uses are flawed and they will find themselves behind bars soon or in a cyber war that they cannot win. I agree with the above statement

    “yes the real problem in the world is a movie studio, its none of the corrupt politicians around the world, or the broken systems of religion that makes slaves out of most weak minded people, its that high level execs talk smack about celebs and make more money then us.”

    If these people are concerned about keeping the peace they should start with the peacemakers, not the movie industry. Threatening to attack people who see the movie is even worse considering the Internet awareness of this country. Someone may just see that it is a new movie with their favorite actors and they want to see it. They may have no idea that this has even happened.

    All things aside, how does a company like Sony let hackers get ahold of GB of information? It seems like someone wasn’t auditing correctly. The type of malware that infected the system isn’t very complex from what I have read. If Sony is that easy to exploit, someone should do it again and leak “The Interview” online for everyone to enjoy. That would be a lovely F you to GOP, but not instigated by Sony.

    • Anonymous X - December 18, 2014

      It should be easy to find, if GoP hacked Sony, someone else could definitely release it online lol

  10. DamnIdiots - December 18, 2014

    guardians of peace … yeah right nice name for some who threaten with violence….

    Who about you guys change it to GOI *guardians of insanity*

    Allso FUCK YOU GUYS Its a fucing movie, what the hell is wrong with your shitty people ???
    fucking chill and let it e a SONY problem, not rest of the world of does not give a rats ass about you people.

    Once again truely FUCK YOU ASSHOLES !!!!!!

  11. Damnidiots - December 18, 2014

    Got damn im so angry that i have to keep on going in here 🙂

    Damn you stupid cunts, i dont even see why everyone in taking you serious ???
    Sure you might be decent hackers but i’ll guess you’re not the best bomb builders, so what are you gonna do to every persons that just tryes to get by the day ???

    *sitting in the cinema, OH NO my phone shut down itself, uhhhhhhhh* Or
    *OH NO, someone killed of the wifi in the cinema, everyone flee*

    LOL you guys are a joke and so is your threat and should no by any way be taken serious …..

    Allso pleace SONY, Show the movies in every fucking cinema world wide, i wanna see how Guardians Of Insanity Would every deal with that, not possible at all…. again, its a lame ass joke just like Guardians themself !

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