Analysis into Philips data leak by #Anonymous

Earlier today we did a short post on a very fresh hack that has leaked over 200k emails from Electronics Giant Philips. Since then we have been going over the data and attempting to figure out exactly where this data belonged and came from. here is what we got so , file name: emails_db.txt size: 4,358KB contains: emails only count, 197,000+ file name: becuase.sql size: 167kb contains: first and last names, emails and other personal details. source: subscriber information from, 255 file****name: mysql.sql size: 99kb contains: administration details for the databases that were hacked., usernames, ips, encrypted passwords. count, 113 file name: db_buzzer_sonicare.sql size: 167kb **contains: **emails and ids, no vital data. source: appears to be a subscription list for philips sonicare products. count, 1774 of which 518 are non duplicated. file name: philips_flavor.sql size: 94kb **contains: **emails , usernames, first and last names, passwords and site settings. source: appears to be a old product registration details from 2008. count, 360 file name: philips_recmedia.sql size: 700kb **contains: **emails , usernames, first and last names, and site settings. source: also appears to be an old database for Philips digital media device product registrations. count, 2156 file name: philips_buyonegetone.sql size: 139kb **contains: **emails , usernames, first and last names, full personal address details, product choice details and further site information. source: promotion database for "buy one get one free" deals that philips has with alot of its products. count, 298 file name: wakeuplight_be.sql size: 168kb contains usernames, emails,full addresses, telephone numbers, passwords which are encyrpted source: users appear to be those who have registered for the wakeup light by philips. count: 439 also we are currently processing the data for If you fear your account has been breached you may use the sites search to check. – it will be  on hold until processing is finished, you may wish to wait till then to check for your email to be sure.

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