And yet even more p2p breaches

Thanks to Rian of RedTeam Protection, here are some more breaches they uncovered:

  • An executive producer at a Manhattan based television Production Company published 2,755 documents onto the gnutella file-sharing network. Contractors of this firm were required to provide their name, date of birth, and social security number for tax purposes. The invoices with personal identifiers were leaked, and several scripts were found for episodes currently in preproduction.
  • A therapist at a Tennessee based health care provider, and contractor to the Department of Children’s Services published 581 files onto the gnutella p2p network. These files included psychological evaluations of both parents and their children. The documents included personal identifiers, family medical histories, parenting evaluations, and admissions of rape and sexual abuse.
  • A Florida accounting firm published 1,714 files onto the gnutella file sharing network. These files contained social security numbers and income information, in addition to confidential accounting records belonging to their corporate clients.
  • A benefits advisor at a Canadian college, published 2,781 files onto the gnutella file sharing network. The files included health insurance information for employees and their families.
  • A Texas based paralegal and transcription service published 5,340 files onto the gnutella network. These files included both medical records as well as attorney client privileged information.
  • A bookkeeper at a national food service company, published 2,604 files onto the gnutella file sharing network. These files included social security numbers, payroll information, scanned drivers licenses, insurance cards, and social security cards, in addition to internal union negotiations and grievance claims.

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