Android App Leaks Your Medical Info Online

Appthority posted another analysis/alert this week. Max Eddy explains:

We trust medical practitioners to give us good advice, and to keep the deeply personal information about our health and our ailments secure. But the iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID app is playing fast and loose with your personal info.

On their Google Play page, iPharmacy says the app can help you identify pills, learn more about your medications, and even keep track of your prescriptions with handy reminders. But Appthority reports that this app has some serious problems. “For an app that has earned a top developer award from Google Play, [we] found it to be one of the top offenders when it comes to risky privacy behaviors for apps in the health or medical category,” said Appthority Chief Architect and Co-Founder Kevin Watkins.

While iPharmacy says that it encrypts your personal information, Appthority found that your username and password are merely “encoded with a common encoding scheme” that is easy to decode. Worse yet, your searches for drugs on the app are sent over the network, along with your user info, without any encryption at all.

What’s more, Appthority found that iPharmacy sent your personal information to three different ad networks.

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