Android Forums Breached, 1,000,000+ User Account Details At Risk

In what has so far been a huge week for high profile and large data based hacks another big forum has noticed a breach and come out with an alert for the community that has over 1.3millions users. The site that was effect is which is a dedicated help forums that belong to The breached data so far has no surfaced online (that we know of) but the forum administration are making claims of the breach with the following press release being made on the 12th of this month.

It seems like online security breaches are, unfortunately, just a sign of our times. Whether you’re Yahoo or Formspring — of which 450,000 passwords were recently exposed — it seems like online attacks are becoming ever more prevalent. It’s with that I regret to inform you that our own dedicated forums site, Android Forums, was recently the target of such an attack in which passwords may have been compromised. There’s a lot of information here, and we want to make sure you guys know that our best men are on top of it, and that your security and trust are our top priority. I’ll let our Android Forums Community Manager “Phases” take it from here. He’s got all the deets, but first — make a short trip on over to Android Forums and change your password. Also, we are looking for a penetration tester that can help us with an audit. If you fit the bill, drop us an email at [email protected] and our pubkey can be found here: Android Forums PGP Key

So it just really adds to the massive amount of accounts that could of been breached over the past weeks and now with the recent bitcoin hack happening its turning out to be just like last year. As well as the above message the forum owners have released instructions on how to update and reset the account details for its 1 million plus users. It has also made note that any applications that share the login will NOT update and that they must be manually reset with the new credentials. Full details here:

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