Anonymous all out assault for #OpIsrael leaves sites hacked, defaced and leaked

opisrael Over the past few days anonymous hacktivist have been attacking all Israel based websites, servers and databases. So far the attack has left hundreds of sites defaced. As well as the defacing a lot of the sites are now having the database deleted, which if they have backups is really not worth the time and trouble the hackers are going to to get this done. Regardless the amount of sites and type of sites that have been getting attacked seems to just double or triple every day. Lots of different hacktivist are joining in on the attacks with well know hackers like @DoktorBass attacking and leaking databases from 3 Israeli based websites. A claim has also come from a hacker using the handle Gaza hacker, they have posted a pastebin link with links to 5 files that are said to contain over 35,000 personal details of Israelis  We managed to obtain a copy of this data before it was removed and a total count of non duplicated data is just over 12,000. The leaked data contains names, numbers, ids, emails and encrypted passwords as well as other personal information related to the account holders, the source of this leak is still unknown at time of publishing, Full list of sites attacked with dataleaks for opisrael with statistics for found emails. The sites that have had the databases deleted so far are 1.

Sites that have been ddos or defaced are:1.

Further 680+ israeli based websites defacedGallery of defacements

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