Anonymous and LulzSec team up to widen to the damage

Well as everyone knows the cyber world is at war with 2 main hacker groups, Anonymous and LulzSec have asked everyone to take part in Operation #Anti Security, u can follow this on twitter via #antisec #opantisec @lulzSec; Twitter post from lulzsec LulzSec* The Lulz Boat *#AntiSec begins today: Prepare yourselves. Join us, join #Anonymous, join the fleet – become a lulz lizard. These groups have released a statement today saying that they have m,merged today and are backing each others actions. Group Anonymous has been in the game for quite some time now as where LulzSec is still fairly new. The statement goes on to ask people to attack all government body and to not back down. In a twitter Post Anonymous acknowledged operation Anti Security. You can view the full statement here

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