Anonymous Attack Israeli websites in light of OpFreePalestine

OpFreePalestine which was announced a few weeks ago has taken another step towards websites based in and about Israeli. The attacks have been announced on the @AnonymouSTL twitter account and can be found on pastebin. The attacks comes with one clear message if you own a .li website then you will be a target.

Occupy has been going one for months… Protests have been going on in other parts of the world for years… Many of those places have police and military that strive to squelch your voice… We are your voice…. We are your strength…. We will do what you are too afraid, or stupid to do…. I have made targets, and I have attacked. #OpFreePalestine has made targets… And we are taking them down.. Anyone, anywhere.. If you support the .il domain, then your information is NOT SAFE FROM US… We will leak all we can if you do NOT give a voice back to the people… This is proof… This was obtained within 43 minutes of signing in to my laptop, to dumping all the info… AND THIS IS MULTIPLE SITES…. SHAME, ISRAEL…. No Wonder… You run your infrastructure like your country… SHITTY!!!!

Some of the attacked sites are

Then comes a nice little warning that there is more to come soon.

What I am trying to deal with right now is trying to decipher the Israeli script when dumping… I am in the process of building a nice dictionary file based on Farsi and other… Again… This is JUST a tease… I have .gov and .org that I will be releasing soon… 🙂 Stay tuned!

Leak: Follow @AnonymouSTL  for more upcoming stuff.

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