Anonymous Attacks North Korea for #OpNorthKorea

anonymous_korea-anonsj-on-twitterAnonymous hackers @Anonsj have started a new operation against North Korea in light to the recent escalation of threat of war. The attacks have mostly been claimed by an anonymous twitter account dubbed as Anonymous South Korea and have been directly aimed at N.Korea with a new operation being dubbed #OpNorthKorea > #OpnorthKorea #Tangodown — Anonymous_Korea (@Anonsj) March 30, 2013

The attacks have sparked some really concerns from people who fear this just adds another reason to the list of things that North Korea could use to try and justify the use of nuclear weapons or even a simple rocket attacks. It appears the Anonymous Korea attacks have been in plan for some time with tweets of the operation going back to February 16th > Will Execution of #OpNorthKorea — Anonymous_Korea (@Anonsj) February 16, 2013

It also seems that it is not the end with some tweets going around saying that a big attack is set for the 6/25 but this is unconfirmed to be true or real at time of publishing > We will Re – Attack NorthKorea Govt site on 6/25. #OpNorthKorea #OpKoreanWar #Anonymous with @anonsj — Anonymous Generation (@Generati0n_anon) March 31, 2013

The sites hit so far appear to all be restored except for one which is totally offline. and most appear to be information based sites or government information based sites. Sites: 1.

Keep track of the attacks dubbed OpnorthKorea on twitter to see what happens over the coming days.

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