Anonymous Australia on a leaking spree with a 5k accounts leak

AuAnon avatar This weekend has seen massive amount of leaks with allot of leaks coming from Anonymous Australia, AuAnon. With leaks from the previously published COBBforum to a 5k password/email list to logins for a variety of servers these leaks are vital information which people have left insecure and unprotected, The sources of the 5k passwords and emails are unknown for now, we are trying to find out its source. The leaks today so far from Anonymous Australia are as below newest to oldest order. > AuAnon Anonymous Australia Huzzah for the lulz ! login/passwd dump Original Post

AuAnon Anonymous Australia sql fails – dump Original Post

AuAnon Anonymous Australia 5k emails + pass Orginal Post

AuAnon Anonymous Australia @YourAnonNews @auLulzsec #antisec CobbForums – 900 member dump Original Post

AuAnon Anonymous Australia Lulz pwned :-/ Orginal post

And a sort of press release from them: > AuAnon Anonymous Australia @KRuddMP @8Presstorm8 @Anon_Central @YourAnonNews An open source government Original Post

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