Anonymous Australia Sends Clear Message to Indonesian Hackers re: #OpAustralia

9y97lg8rkgdk7du1u20e Over the past week Indonesian hackers have been attacking innocent Australian businesses, education websites and even charity’s in protest to the Australian government, more so ASIO spying on Indonesia. Since then a lot of Australians have voiced how stupid these attacks are and that the people of Australia have done nothing to them at all. When i asked one of the "hackers" why they are doing this and to justify attacking innocent websites i was told "your country started first" which is just a bit childish. 1450073_10202231754022526_1609960383_n   Also on another note i have spoken to an Anonymous Australian IT worker who’s company has been affected in these attacks which has resulted in the company having site down time and out sourcing to 3rd party to have updates and repairs done leaving them with a expense they didn’t need. Message to Indonesian Hackers Anonymous Australia who originally started the #OpAustralia tag and operation against the Australian government over internet filters has released a video to reach out to the Indonesia hackers asking for them to stop attacking innocent websites and to join together to attack the Australian government as one and if they continue to attack innocent websites they will "feel the full wrath of our fellow legion.". Video description and transcript: > In recent light, the ASIO has been caught spying on Indonesian citizens. In a response to this, Indonesian hackers have taken upon themselves to protest their actions by defacing innocent Australian business websites (only businesses can register the top-level domain .au). To those Indonesian hackers, feel free to join us in #opaustralia to collaborate and join together against our governments. We are no the enemy, we are all brothers. See to it that this is not acceptable towards our fellow Anons. We’re here to protest together, we’re here to stand by each other. Anonymous Indonesia, plead with your hackers to stop. TRANSCRIPT: Anonymous Indonesia, You have defaced many innocent Australian websites in an effort to protest against the Australian government and their spy agency, ASIO. Innocent businsesses should not be attacked. We all bound together in an effort to bring down our tyrant governments to shape our world as a better place. We bid you, as a fellow brother to focus on your main target – governments and spy agencies and leave the innocent bystanders out of this. If you choose to disagree then you should feel the full wrath of our fellow legion. Anonymous Indonesia, We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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