Anonymous Claims It Hacked Russian Orthodox Church, Leaked 15 GB Data And 57,500 Emails

Ajay Sharma reports:

Hacker group Anonymous has launched another attack on Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Lipetsk Mechanical Plant, which manufactures components for anti-aircraft missile launchers and other military equipment, were hacked by them on Friday.

The hacker group posted on Twitter that they have merged and posted about 15 GB of data from the Russian Orthodox Church’s charity wing on the internet. Not only that, they have released roughly 57,500 emails via DDoSecrets (Distributed Denial of Secrets).

Read more at RepublicWorld.

This is not the first time the Russian Orthodox Church has been the target of hackers. There does not seem to be any statement about the claimed hack on the church’s website at the time of this publication. Nor does there seem to be any statement on Lipetsk’s website.


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