Anonymous continues attacks on North Korea for #OpNorthKorea

images In recent weeks there have been many on going operations and one of them is OpNorthKorea. The operation has so far seen many websites hacked and left defaced, offline as well as social media accounts being taken control of all while making main headlines around the world. In recent days the operation has continued to be on going with attacks on the already attacked Propaganda website who recently had over 16,000 accounts leaked over a few days. The site uriminzokkiri website is currently offline and one of the main anonymous accounts for this operation has announced a few leaks of data from 3 targets, all of which have already been removed from pastebin. First the announcement of a leak from National Reconciliation Council ( ) which contains the following rows of personal information: no,id,name,age,sex,regdate,jumin,movetel,address,country,tel,email,state,birthday,allow> Hacked ryomyong.com1235 members #OpNorthKorea — Anonymous Korea (@YourAnonNewsKR) April 19, 2013

Another leak announced from The Choson Sinbo ([]( which contains user logins with the following rows of information *ID, user_login, user_pass, user_nicename, user_email ,user_url, user_registered, user_activation_key, user_status, display_name    spam, deleted*> Hacked []( “”)3530 members []( “”) [#OpNorthKorea]( — Anonymous Korea (@YourAnonNewsKR) [April 19, 2013](
And another leak from the Korean American National Coordinating Council ([]( which contains the following rows:* id,user_id,password,backword,name,workshop,email,homepage,handphone,comment,date,flag,count*> Hacked []( “”)130 members []( “”) [#OpNorthKorea]( — Anonymous Korea (@YourAnonNewsKR) [April 19, 2013](

At time of publishing this operation is still on going and the site is currently offline and all pastes appear to of been removed already. Follow @YourAnonNewsKR on twitter for continued updates about this operation

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