Anonymous Cyber Assault on Israel still continues

oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-justice-gov_-il_ Over the past month or so one operation out of possible hundreds still continues to push on striking its targets on a daily basis  The operation is Opisrael and was started after Israel started attacking the Gaza strip with air strikes. Since then there has been hundreds of sites attacked and thousands of personal details leaked. One of the latest sites to be attacked is the main Israeli government website ( which has been "tango down" by the anonymous hacktivist. The announcement came a few hours ago and is circulating twitter pretty fast. At time of publishing the website was still offline. Earlier in the week a hacker got to 20+ Israel business websites and left them all with a new common defacement. hacked-by-libero So as the weeks go on this operation is proving to have a very strong backing and its anyone’s guess when these might/will stop. Full list of defaced sites from this week can be found on

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