#Anonymous dumps 13,000 passwords (updated)

Updates: See this post and this article for debunking that these are new leaks.

Julie Bort reports:

The hacker group known as Anonymous released a file on Friday containing about 13,000 passwords, it claims.


But these accounts come from a variety of online sources, the Anonymous claims, some of them really popular.

DailyDot’s Aaron Sankin sifted through the file and discovered the leaks came from the following sites: Amazon, Walmart, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Twitch.tv, Origin.com, Hulu Plus, Dell, and Shutterstock.

Read more on BusinessInsider.

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  1. Waqas - January 3, 2015

    Great work Data Breaches. I had mentioned your link in the 1st article related to this leak. It got over 65k views.

    • Dissent - January 3, 2015

      Not my great work – it was Lee’s (@Cyber_War_News) great work de-bunking the claims. Now if we could just get MSM journos to attempt to verify before they blindly repeat claims….

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