Anonymous hacks; leaks non-sensitive info

Here’s another breach from last week that was sitting in the drafts folder because, well, I’m old, I forget. was hacked by Anonymous, whose claimed motivation was
“#TPP #TTIP” (Trans-Pacific Partnership, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

Ali Raza reports:

A hacktivist group, which refers to itself as Anonymous, has claimed that the United States Census Bureau is the latest victim of its cyberattack. It further stated that most of the confidential information extracted, ended up being released online.

The United States Census Bureau, the body responsible for producing data in regards to America’s economy and people, stated on Friday that a security breach was detected on one of its computers and that investigations are ongoing. According to an NBC report, the director of the Bureau, John H. Thompson, said that the attack was carried out in an attempt to gain access to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse. The Federal Audit Clearing House is stored  on an IT system that contains data which includes; the names of people submitting the information, site usernames, phone numbers and related information. According to Thompson, only non-confidential information is stored on the system.

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The Register adds that usernames, .gov email addresses, and office phone numbers of the organization’s staff were involved, as well as the departments the employees work in, the internal IP addresses they last logged in from, and the names of the administrators. There were some hashed passwords in the data dump of database management users.



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