Anonymous Hacks Waller County Sheriff’s Department Computers For Sandra Bland – Or Did They?

Zeidy David writes:

Last month we reported on the “hacktivist” group Anonymous calling for a “Day of Rage” for Sandra Bland. The series of actions were given the name #OpSandraBland, and they warned of a wide range of attacks and fronts for hitting the Waller County Sheriff’s Department on behalf of Sandra.

Now, Anonymous has announced that they have hacked the Waller County Sheriff’s Department and leaked the salaries, addresses, telephone numbers and the like of the deputies involved in the murder of Sandra Bland.

That information was available at PasteBin for a while, but as usual, that sort of information doesn’t stay up long.

Although the paste is removed, another paste, still available, doxes the officer involved in the incident as well as other county officials. David reproduces part of redacted paste on Counter Current News.

Whether Anonymous actually hacked the Waller County Sheriff’s Office remains unclear. On July 31, KPRC reported that Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith said that as far as they knew, their computers had not been hacked:

In fact, Sheriff Smith claimed they do not have a computer database where they store personnel information.

Smith said most of the information Anonymous released is not even correct and can be found by doing a simple Google search.

KPRC does not seem to have any update since then, and I can find no statement from the Sheriff after that date in news sources or in the department’s press releases.

I guess we’ll have to wait until August 8 to see if the hack Anonymous threatens for that day occurs.



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