Anonymous hacktivist at center of leaked-secrets campaign speaks in person for the first time about July’s fatal RCMP shooting of a protester

Adrian Humphreys got the interview, and you can read it on National Post. Here’s a snippet:


Procastin8r won’t talk about the source of those documents, especially on the record, but he agrees the operation has many different elements, some more successful than others.

It makes this operation unique within Anonymous and, he said, it is being monitored and assessed by other Anons.

“It is true there is something very different happening in terms of Anonymous developing high-level sources themselves and then reporting on what they say. And I think, so far, it’s a mixed result, in terms of perception, in terms of the kinds of material that we’re reporting on. We’re not shy about saying that we’ve done the right thing and we’re confident in our sources. But time will tell.”


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