Anonymous hacktivist launch OpVaticano, data leaked and sites defaced

We all know the recent news that the new pope has finally been appointed his official position, well this has sparked a newly launched operation dubbed [Opvaticano]( by anonymous hacktivist. The hacktivist have so far left many sites defaced and dumped one database from Italian based websites. The defacement has been carried out on four sites so far some of which have had the above video playing. ![op-vaticano](![hacked-by-elneneciber]( A lot of the announcements for this Operation have been carried out by an account made for this operation @OpVaticano but another leak has come from a group of hackers using the handle @BlackCatsTeam who leaked data from The Church of God ([]( which contains database information for site related stuff as well as 62 Staff account details with users names and email address. The other data leak comes from a unknown source and came in two parts, the first part only contains basic database table and column information and the second part contains 817 user accounts with users names and encrypted passwords. The sites defaced can be seen below and at time of publishing only one site had been restored and all others still defaced. 1. []( – still defaced
2. []( – still defaced
3. []( -restored
4. []( -still defaced

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