Anonymous in the news, is it what they want?

Over the past week or so the Internet has pretty much blown up over the news that a well known hacker who flew under the anonymous flag was working with police on a very close level to arrest and charge other alleged hackers. Now one would think this is going to be a bad thing for anonymous but really, its working in their favour, giving them more attention, letting more people find out about them  and taking on high profile targets in the name of the recent arrested. Now it hasn’t just been in America, UK, Ireland that arret’s are happening its going all the way to Serbia with the seattlepi reporting that  the Anonymous Serbia hackers have been arrested and charged. "Stamenkovic says police have raided homes of several people and found "evidence of criminal activity." He says the arrested suspect faces charges of cyber sabotage and up to five years in prison if convicted." Both Anonymous Serbia twitter accounts have been inactive for a few days now which might bring some light on the truth of these claims. So does this mean that we are just starting to see the result of a world wide operation by authorities to take down the hackers that fl under the flags of anonymous or is that it until the next burst of arrests. with the word that sabu is helping out police its no surprise that their has been so many already and im sure that alot of "anons" are fairly worried right about now, sitting there waiting for a knock on the door. So really all this fuss is just giving anonymous more ammo to fire out and its angered alot of people as well who now feel they can not trust anyone at all.

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