Anonymous leak Ukraine Government Emails And Credentials for #OpUkraine

01-ttudp9j Appears a few days ago part 2 of the Operation Ukraine was dropped on the internet and announced from The leak is from the Ukraine Government and is the 2nd Official part of on going from them this year. The Contents of the leak are emails and communications as well as some credentials for the email accounts breached. The email accounts are from Volyn Regional State Administration Website ( and total 17 email addresses with encrypted passwords but the email addresses published publicly have been censored. These breaches have been carried out from infecting personal email accounts of Government staff which has resulted in gaining greater access to many different Ukraine  Government systems.A preview of the leak files was uploaded to imgur and the leak file was uploaded to bayfiles and is a 56mb compressed file which contains a file called odadockovelradagovua.tbk. Opening the TBK file requires using a program called TheBat and once the file has been opened it displays 223 emails inbox and 1 email outbox all in Ukraine language. At the start of November another hacker also released data from a few breached Ukraine in the name of OpUkraine. The first official part of OpUkraine was from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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