Anonymous Leaks Details for 64,000 Tanzania Telecommunications Company Employees (UPDATE2)

Update1: TTCL is denying that they’ve had any breach.

Update 2: Softpedia stands by its report that there was a breach, but has revised its estimate of the numbers.  As one consequence, the headline for this post has been revised to delete the mention of 64,000.

Original post:

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Barely a day has passed since the most recent Anonymous attack and the hacktivists are back with another one, this time against Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL), a state-owned company that provides fixed basic telephone services in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

As with the most recent Anonymous-attributed attacks, the responsibility for this attack is on the World Hacker Team, one of the group’s most active subdivisions.

The hackers dumped details for over 64,000 TTCL employees, data which includes real names, email addresses, telephone numbers, the department in which employees work, and their respective job title.

Read more on Softpedia.

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