Anonymous Message to Nimbuzz over censorship

Anonymous has released a statement to Nimbuzz, a Global dutch company who supports censorship. In the PR they have stated they have complete access to the Nimbuzz network, The reason behind this is that Anonymous states they, Nimbuzz, Stand against everything that #antisec stands for, Fazing out Internet censorship. The PR starts off with: AntiBUZZ: A MESSAGE TO ALL CORPORATIONS SUPPORTING CENSORSHIP MEASURES continues to explain the reason for the attacks and then leaks a small section of data. As from statement:

"In some countries governments and/or operators have reasons for not allowing   VoIP over (mobile) data networks. They may use technical means to active   block and / or throttle the Nimbuzz traffic over their network. This results   in total, partial or severe Nimbuzz service degradation towards the end-user. When these cases are known, Nimbuzz will open dialogue with the   government/operator. Aim is to resolve the service degradation and restore   quality of service. In return for allowing Nimbuzz service to run properly,   we can offer to switch of VoIP calls on this operator network."

At the end of the statement is to links, 1 to a paste html site that seems to be part of nimbuzz systems? and a rar file on media fire, not sure the contents of these files either. See the original statement here

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