Anonymous OpFreePalestine Datadump Part 3

content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/opfreepalestine-americans-with-balls-part-3-of-pastebin-com_.png OpFreePalestine has been causing all sorts of worries and troubles for Israel so far but now comes part 3 of the said to be 10 part database leak that has been slowly rolling out. The leak which has been coming from @AnonymouSTL twitter account was just released as part 3 "AMERICANS WITH BALLS" and has the following message for the Israeli Government in it.

Tuesday, January 2011, Israel rolled Tanks into the Gaza and West Banks. They did this without any consent of the UN. They did this against the wishes of the United States. On January 10, 2011, Israel invaded a sovereign, DEMOCRACY. One that possess their OWN CONSTITUTION. Tuesday, January 2011, I rolled moar of MY tanks into Israel domain space … You do it .. So can I. America … What would have happened if WE rolled over and died during the Revolutionary War, or the War of 1812?? The great United States would still belong to England and her Empire. What will happen to the Palestinians if they roll over and Die to the hand of Israel?? They will no longer EXIST! They will be ERASED. Unfortunately, Palestine is being fought by a tyrannical government that has been friends and allies with the US for years … That time has come to an end …. True Americans, and True Anons will not stand for an invasion of a Country that has been trying for MANY years to become it’s own nation. All while being pushed back by Israel and other powerful countries. Why??? Pure control over resources …… Well my brothers and sisters of Palestine. Some Americans believe in your Democracy, your CONSTITUTION. Some Americans are NOT HYPOCRITES. Some Americans realize without the help of other Nations … One’s with actual, measurable BALLS, nothing will be accomplished. We are here. We are legion. We will fight with and for you. You are being denied your Unalienable right as a Human Being, to create a government for yourselves, and to live in peace. You Unalienable right is being Alienated by your Government, and Many others all over the world … We will Alienate their freedom of privacy. Anyone sponsoring the efforts of Israel and their corrupt invasion of Palestine, are targets. Below, you will see that …

content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/opfreepalestine-americans-with-balls-part-3-of-pastebin-com_.png The leaks data comes from various Israeli based websites and consist of part database, logins and other information that can be used to gain access to the servers and do more damage with that being a very clear intent with this release. "Starting with ALBAYAN.CO.IL – NEWS – IT IS NOW YOURS!!!! TAKE IT OVER AND USE IT!" Leak: Follow the other attacks on!/AnonymouSTL

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