Anonymous #OPLIBERATION Help teenagers who are abused and mistreated

Anonymous has been working hard on a very important operation that needs a lot more media light and more public voice to help expose the crap that has been going on out of the public eyes to our teenagers and kids of the world. They have done some very extensive research and got some very hard evidence towards the government and the different organizations who run these camps. Now before i go to far into this a lot of my readers will want to know what this has to do with cyber war? Well Anonymous has been taking sites down; gathered hundreds of phone numbers and have made hundreds of prank calls and wasted the time the targets in question. Now lets get back to what really matters; the teenagers who have been hurt and abused by these horrid so called “Attitude training camps”. From what we have seen and read these camps are like JAIL but worse; they allow attacks on each other; in fact from video evidence it shows they really do enforce the abuse from one teen to another as well as inflict it themselves. Now i will tell as u as a teen i was punished very harshly as well for when i did stuff wrong; but these kids are not even doing anything wrong and it would seem they have not a chance or choice in the world to say no about going to these places. Now down below is some video links from anonymous and Another one; u must be signed into Youtube to view this as its brutal BUT please take the time and view it; spread the word and get this message out there. Operation Information: Main target is World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools, they seem to be the ones behind most of the “schools” or camps that are doing this stuff. Main information: [httpsv://](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> [](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> Warning this video contains really bad abuse; please do watch and spread the word about these horrid people. this video shows a youth being beaten by a teacher; kicked and kneed in the head by other students at the teachers REQUEST. [httpsv://](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> Also take the time and read some storys from teens who have been to these camps; the suffering they have been through would be enough to push anyone to the edge and takje there own life; the ones who have come out are very lucky and strong and the ones who did my heart goes out to all your family; freinds and yourself. So once again remember to spread the word and help shut these people down and get them busted for the horried things they do to our teenagers. Main information: Main information: Main information: this is also just a very brief bit from us; cyber War News will be following this regardless of the amount of “cyberwar”. Any information visit our chat or email me or dm via twitter

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